Somewhere Not Here

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Fuji Crystal Archive - Lustre

Fuji's Crystal Archive paper with a Luster surface. Luster has a slight gloss which gives richer prints than Matte papers, and has a slightly pebbled texture. Fuji Crystal Archive Paper is actual photographic paper that is exposed with a digital enlarger and processed in RA-4 chemistry. It a favorite of demanding professional photographers because of its superb renderings of the colors of nature: blues, greens, and reds; its familiar surface texture; and it has the longest display life of any RA-4 photo paper. 

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Fuji Crystal Archive - Pearl

This metallic paper gives a unique glow to my prints.  Fuji Pearl brings the luster and depth of mother-of-pearl to your prints, with natural mica and metal oxides impregnated in the paper.  It creates a look unlike traditional photo papers, which increases its impact. 

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Fuji Crystal Archive - SuperGloss

SuperGloss uses a unique polyester base that gives it an incredible gloss and creates a depth and dimensionality that has to be seen to be believed.  This depth helps SuperGloss prints reflect more light which makes them more brilliant than other papers, and the colors are deeper and richer than even Pearl or Metallic papers.

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